Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Rumors about a new (iPhone 5) (Galaxy S 3) launched

Millions around the world are waiting during May and June.

It is still too early to talk about the end of predictions and forecasts, expectations and rumors. That will come out month's smartphones at all, which is expected to see the light or be announced, during the months or the next few weeks. First, is the iPhone from Apple, which is very well-known, its first appearance was in 2007, overlooking the secrets of this traditional world of mobile phones which were filled by our markets and global markets either. The second is the killer iPhone «as some like to call», phone company Samsung, Galaxy S, which is considered its second version as, peer and arch-rival to the iPhone, where it copied the next Galaxy S 3, millions of people around the world, who are the hours and days and weeks, waiting impatiently for the official date to be put to the market.
Series of rumors «correct» and «incorrect» is still going on, and although most of these rumors are close to reality, close to the truth, but none of Apple American, or Korean company Samsung, confirmed or refused to confirm any of these rumors are many and varied in any of the two new phones, Apple phone «iPhone 5» or «new», and phone Samsung «Galaxy S 3».

A lot of rumors

Many rumors that roam the wide space of the web, and that fill the many different channels, did not leave anything in these phones and only talked about, from the look of the phone to its screen, and specifications of the interior of the central processor or internal memory . And at the end of the new features that will come by phone, which will be characterized by and run through the rest of the other smart phones. Both phones «iPhone and Galaxy S» received its share of these rumors, though, there are dozens of them that we are not tackling them in our articles, the main reason for this is not confirmed by sources, so as not to drown our readers in a deep sea of ​​these rumors, which may not be verified, but the little thing, which will frustrate and no doubt thousands of waiting and as potential for these phones. Such smart phones of the most fertile areas of the imagination of writers and readers and those interested to write about and what it will come, and to list the thousands of words around it and about what it will come from the specifications and features, and for the spin and shape of beauty and elegance, which, without doubt «pleasure» to both companies for these phones.

Rumors of iPhone 5

After we dealt with many of the specifications that are likely to come by this new phone, here is a financial analyst in the company of America, Topeka Capital Market, Mr. Brian White, announce and directly on his Asian tour to suppliers who deal with Apple, the iPhone 5 , will achieve huge sales and unprecedented, and that there are many changes that will come on the screen of this phone, which will come larger size than it is now «3.5» inch, and will arrive to the size of «4.0» inch, the new phone will come with a new completely different from the current format for the iPhone 4 or 4S, which would make it a direct cause and major customers to replace their old this new phone. In addition, the new iPhone 5, or whatever its name, will support the technology of fourth generation of «L T» networks, which new iPad came with, which did not make their way successfully in our Arabic markets, and some other foreign markets.

Not only that, but the new phone came from Apple and also explained site «9to5Mac.com», the same central processor used in computers Apple Tablet new type of A5X, which will be modified to employ its energy, according to the site, to provide the force necessary to deal with many things in iPhone 5, and not, as is the case in the Tablet PC new iPad, and that this was the central processor, to provide high-definition screen of the device the required energy. Here is Apple preparing a trial copy of this central processor, to conduct the necessary tests upon, to provide its iPhone 5. He also stressed that the location of new internal memory is tested by Apple today also under the name of the N96, will be available in the new phone.

Rumors Galaxy S3

Like the new iPhone, rumors about new Samsung Galaxy S 3phone, almost uninterrupted, nor cease to interested and specialists from writing about, and what they are, and perhaps such rumors, which affected every nook and cranny in this phone, the focus today, according to many global positioning specialist, on, how come a new device, which confirmed the newspaper «Korean Digital Daily», that phone Galaxy S 3, will come as the primary button «Home», which comes phone Galaxy Note, and Galaxy S 2, and not, as is upon the situation in the Galaxy Nexus, which objected to many experts and specialists within the Samsung and others are supported by them. In addition, however, some specialized sites such as «global.christianpost», confirmed that the new phone will come with five main pillars in the pages of the operating system, and this is also similar to what comes upon the situation in the phone Galaxy Note, and not as it comes Galaxy S 2 phones or any iPhone 4 OS.

Unlike many of the rumors, which confirmed that the Korean company will announce its new during the month of April, we have confirmed that the success of Samsung Galaxy S 2 Phone, and still achieve, is the main cause and direct the delay in the declaration or put Phone Galaxy S 3, in addition to the many experts and observers, attributed the delay in the announcement of the new phone, to the problems faced by the phone Galaxy S 2 with the newest Operating System Android «Ice Cream Sandwich», but the same source pointed out, according to experts, asked that the date of the new phone will be on 20 May.

Its sovereignty and leadership

If the rumors on the new release date confirm that the Galaxy S 3 is the last of May, many of the other confirmed rumors that Apple will announce its new iPhone 5, during the company's developers conference to be held during the month of June and to the last of May and beginning of next June, the series of rumors about these two devices will continue and will increase to the last day of the announcement of these smart phones, which proved that it deserved its sovereignty and leadership in the world of smart phones.

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