Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Introduction of the first smart phones Intel processor

Intel announced the launch of the first phone a new custom chip for smart phones, which will be sold in Britain over the Orange on the sixth of June.

The phone has named San Diego Atom Z2460 processor frequency of 1.6 GHz single-core. The screen measuring 4.03 inch 600 × 1024 resolution and 0with 8 megapixel camera has the ability to capture pictures per second and record high-definition video resolution 1080p.

The device works when launching with Android version 2.3 update to Android 4.0 over a short period as the company said.

Intel is betting heavily on the new chip to enter strongly in the market for processors smartphones and tablet computers. Although the company owns a large share of the market for PC processors, but it did not enter the market of smart mobile devices, before where this market is controlled by ARM processors significantly.

Intel has offered to advance the results of performance tests carried out to compare the chip with the new main processor smart phones currently on the market, the company said that the results showed that the chip and despite being a single-core beats most of the processors of competition that operate ARM, whether bilateral or quad-core processors.

Experts believe that it is too early to judge the performance of Intel in a neutral by comparison with the rest of processors available in the market, especially in concerns about the consumption of the processor for more power than other processors, Intel denies the charge.