Monday, May 14, 2012

IPhone 5 thinner and larger screen

Reliable sources Press reiterated that the iPhone 5 is expected to be larger dimensions and thinner than its predecessor, and equipped with a front glass cover from "Gorilla Glass 2" scratch-resistant as well as a cover glass as strong as metal to the back of the phone, the screen will measure 4 inches superior on the screen of the current version of the phone with a measuring 3.5 inches, according to reports published by the site iLounge.

 In addition, the socket-base will be in the new phone smaller and therefore a smaller number of teeth, the phone has become thinner by almost 20% than the previous iPhone 4, As for the dimensions of the approximate phone amounts to a length of 125 mm longer than its predecessor with ten millimeters approximately and its width is almost identical to display the iPhone 4 of 58.5 mm and 7.4 mm thickness to be thinner by about 2 mm.

At a time of increasing rumors and unconfirmed information about the new phone the same iLounge blog provided information about the specifications of the next iPad, which seem to be also correct. The new iPad will be thicker and has a camera with better benefits, and raised a lot of controversy about what the most common it will change the aspect ratio in the new iPhone screen so that the broad format which may require a larger area of ​​the screen, as well as other considerations related to design and improved applications.

So far, any information is unavailable regarding the date of the official launch of the new phone, while forecasts indicate that it is detected at the World Conference for developers, held in June or possibly in late October this year.