Sunday, April 29, 2012

HP launches platform for mobile applications for telecommunications providers

"HP" announced the launch of its platform for mobile applications that enable telecommunications service providers to assist their customers of the companies to upgrade the level of productivity, by supporting their employees to use for smart phones and tablet computers.

HP Enterprise Mobility platform allows companies to provide mobile applications for internal staff, so that they can access corporate data quickly and easily and a high level of security, through the use of their mobile devices.

The key components of HP Enterprise Mobility platform are:

HP Enterprise Mobile App Store: This helps the E-store communications service providers to design and document management, distribution and copies "mobile" applications for its employees. As for the staff, allowing them access to the store easy to use portal to download the applications that are hosted on the site telecommunications service provider and managed his way.

And supports various capacity allocation applications according to the needs of employees, regardless of the type of device they use. Staff members can also browse the site for applications that need it quite easily, knowing that the store site supports multiple languages ​​to meet the regional requirements of the customers.

And enable management of multiple lists institutions to provide different applications for multiple types of users, through the structuring and organization of the user's ability to benefit from the information resources of the company based on its position and his career and other criteria.

And provides life cycle management applications for companies to modify applications to work on various types of control devices and history of use, and revoked at the end of legacy applications need.

The property test the performance of the mobile device are integrated together to ensure better application performance on different types of devices according to various usage scenarios.

HP Enterprise Mobility Gateway: enables service providers and telecommunications companies to help staff access to accurate databases in a timely manner by linking mobile applications and systems key to the company.

It is available through the company's work sites as a service provided by telecommunications service providers, allows developers to gate the possibility of designing data-rich applications and operating efficiently even if the scope of the package is limited.

The access is available via high-performance data collection on the server and the client, and smart browsing and reviews the possibility of massive data sets, although the device is not connected to the Internet.

And ensure property documentation and permit the user to the security of key systems and data transfer between databases and applications. Is also manages the possibility of life-cycle management interfaces for the major systems on the use of tools and reports.

And allow for the development of services for composite mobile applications the ability to access and collect data from a group of major systems of independent, in order to provide high-value data collected for the users.

Invoking the platform HP Service Delivery Platform is used widely, including platform HP Enterprise Mobility service-oriented architecture is flexible, where the telecommunications service providers adapt key components included by HP in accordance with their specific needs, and can integrate solutions "HP" and other companies to enhance their ability to perform tasks.

For his part, Basim  Bouzid, General Manager and Regional Vice President, Corporate Services, HP Middle East, said it is incumbent telecommunications service providers to create new models for their business so they can achieve success in the world of the fourth generation of communications. And these HP products allow them collect revenue by helping companies to benefit from effective use of smart phones and tablet computers by its employees. 

In addition to provide mobile services to companies, telecommunications service providers can take advantage of the platform, "HP" to manage these new services offered to its employees, including the development and distribution of new applications.

To enable telecommunications service providers, HP Enterprise Mobility platform, to offer their services to companies, it was designed but the "HP" will provide the technology to companies directly also to be installed in the headquarters of these companies.

HP Enterprise Mobility platform comes to complement the services provided by mobile applications portfolio of HP Mobile Application Services, which was announced earlier.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Rumors about a new (iPhone 5) (Galaxy S 3) launched

Millions around the world are waiting during May and June.

It is still too early to talk about the end of predictions and forecasts, expectations and rumors. That will come out month's smartphones at all, which is expected to see the light or be announced, during the months or the next few weeks. First, is the iPhone from Apple, which is very well-known, its first appearance was in 2007, overlooking the secrets of this traditional world of mobile phones which were filled by our markets and global markets either. The second is the killer iPhone «as some like to call», phone company Samsung, Galaxy S, which is considered its second version as, peer and arch-rival to the iPhone, where it copied the next Galaxy S 3, millions of people around the world, who are the hours and days and weeks, waiting impatiently for the official date to be put to the market.
Series of rumors «correct» and «incorrect» is still going on, and although most of these rumors are close to reality, close to the truth, but none of Apple American, or Korean company Samsung, confirmed or refused to confirm any of these rumors are many and varied in any of the two new phones, Apple phone «iPhone 5» or «new», and phone Samsung «Galaxy S 3».

A lot of rumors

Many rumors that roam the wide space of the web, and that fill the many different channels, did not leave anything in these phones and only talked about, from the look of the phone to its screen, and specifications of the interior of the central processor or internal memory . And at the end of the new features that will come by phone, which will be characterized by and run through the rest of the other smart phones. Both phones «iPhone and Galaxy S» received its share of these rumors, though, there are dozens of them that we are not tackling them in our articles, the main reason for this is not confirmed by sources, so as not to drown our readers in a deep sea of ​​these rumors, which may not be verified, but the little thing, which will frustrate and no doubt thousands of waiting and as potential for these phones. Such smart phones of the most fertile areas of the imagination of writers and readers and those interested to write about and what it will come, and to list the thousands of words around it and about what it will come from the specifications and features, and for the spin and shape of beauty and elegance, which, without doubt «pleasure» to both companies for these phones.

Rumors of iPhone 5

After we dealt with many of the specifications that are likely to come by this new phone, here is a financial analyst in the company of America, Topeka Capital Market, Mr. Brian White, announce and directly on his Asian tour to suppliers who deal with Apple, the iPhone 5 , will achieve huge sales and unprecedented, and that there are many changes that will come on the screen of this phone, which will come larger size than it is now «3.5» inch, and will arrive to the size of «4.0» inch, the new phone will come with a new completely different from the current format for the iPhone 4 or 4S, which would make it a direct cause and major customers to replace their old this new phone. In addition, the new iPhone 5, or whatever its name, will support the technology of fourth generation of «L T» networks, which new iPad came with, which did not make their way successfully in our Arabic markets, and some other foreign markets.

Not only that, but the new phone came from Apple and also explained site «», the same central processor used in computers Apple Tablet new type of A5X, which will be modified to employ its energy, according to the site, to provide the force necessary to deal with many things in iPhone 5, and not, as is the case in the Tablet PC new iPad, and that this was the central processor, to provide high-definition screen of the device the required energy. Here is Apple preparing a trial copy of this central processor, to conduct the necessary tests upon, to provide its iPhone 5. He also stressed that the location of new internal memory is tested by Apple today also under the name of the N96, will be available in the new phone.

Rumors Galaxy S3

Like the new iPhone, rumors about new Samsung Galaxy S 3phone, almost uninterrupted, nor cease to interested and specialists from writing about, and what they are, and perhaps such rumors, which affected every nook and cranny in this phone, the focus today, according to many global positioning specialist, on, how come a new device, which confirmed the newspaper «Korean Digital Daily», that phone Galaxy S 3, will come as the primary button «Home», which comes phone Galaxy Note, and Galaxy S 2, and not, as is upon the situation in the Galaxy Nexus, which objected to many experts and specialists within the Samsung and others are supported by them. In addition, however, some specialized sites such as «global.christianpost», confirmed that the new phone will come with five main pillars in the pages of the operating system, and this is also similar to what comes upon the situation in the phone Galaxy Note, and not as it comes Galaxy S 2 phones or any iPhone 4 OS.

Unlike many of the rumors, which confirmed that the Korean company will announce its new during the month of April, we have confirmed that the success of Samsung Galaxy S 2 Phone, and still achieve, is the main cause and direct the delay in the declaration or put Phone Galaxy S 3, in addition to the many experts and observers, attributed the delay in the announcement of the new phone, to the problems faced by the phone Galaxy S 2 with the newest Operating System Android «Ice Cream Sandwich», but the same source pointed out, according to experts, asked that the date of the new phone will be on 20 May.

Its sovereignty and leadership

If the rumors on the new release date confirm that the Galaxy S 3 is the last of May, many of the other confirmed rumors that Apple will announce its new iPhone 5, during the company's developers conference to be held during the month of June and to the last of May and beginning of next June, the series of rumors about these two devices will continue and will increase to the last day of the announcement of these smart phones, which proved that it deserved its sovereignty and leadership in the world of smart phones.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Du launches a bouquet of new services stations VSAT

It enables companies in remote areas like desserts and sea of ​​solutions to get a stable connection

Du launched a new platform for small service stations, (VSAT) technology based on advanced 'I Direct'.

Du provides services through force of very small stations solutions to enterprise customers based on well-established infrastructure. Package includes presentations by Du stations in this area work force by VoIP, data and network services that are managed via satellite, and integrated satellite solutions. In addition, du will offer a range of options from high-quality Internet connection and effectiveness, and special solutions intranet and extranet access to stations.

Fareed Faraidooni, Chief Commercial Officer in du said that very small stations access enables companies located in remote areas (such as oil and gas companies) to obtain connectivity solutions stable and reliable at all times. This in turn ensures more flexibility in the process of using communication service to these companies.

Services provide access stations Services simulated ground-based data transmission networks for communication and networking through the use of satellite dishes are very small and broadcasting satellites. These services are particularly useful for mobile platforms (MLM), and areas not reached by communication networks, or where the coverage is limited (in the desert), or as an alternative to traditional telecommunications services to ensure business continuity.

It will allow a range of services stations very small force provided by Du for participants to expand their communication quickly and take advantage of all forms of corporate communication services required, which is characterized by reliability that characterize all du solutions.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Why you should buy an iPhone?

Why do people are so crazy about the iPhone? Ok, iPhones are revolutionary but they are expensive too. Are iPhones really worthy enough or they are one of the overly priced product of Apple?

Most of the smart phone customer thought in the same way before they actually get into the iPhone world. iPhones are not only the revolutionary product in the telecommunication world but also iPhones are the most innovative product which have changed the customer experience and concept of using a cellular product from upside down. With iPhone, you will obviously get all great features which will fulfill your smart phone need, such as high end graphics, opportunity to customize images and all the lovely application and games which keep you ahead in your social networks and increase your productivity, with an experience of latest technological advancements such as: 

Multi-Touch Technology

The top of the line feature of iPhone is its multi-touch screen which enables you to use fingers to get everything done in a jiffy, from menu selection to writing an email.
Innovative Sensors
The outstanding sensors of iPhone have the ability to detect and respond to the changes in phone. These sensors are tiny yet powerful. Ambient light and proximity sensors are the key sensors of iPhones.

Better Imaging
With iPhone you will experience outstanding imaging with clear shots and attractive pictures which are being possible now in latest iPhone because of its high end processor, because it’s not actually the game of pixels only but also the way a processor can handle it. 

Enchanting Multimedia

The powerful operating system of iPhone is the blessing for mobile gamers and movie watchers because it enables you do lots of fun in less time and all at once in an hassle free way.

Improved Multi Tasking

With iPhone you have great ability to do multi-tasking in fact you find it is amazing to figure out when you are multi-tasking and you would not actually feel it.

 iPhones are one of the most demanding global products which are continuously in growing since many years and their market share is never being severely challenged by any other alternative product. This is mainly because of the continuous improvement philosophy and commitment to the perfection by iPeople and their attention to the customers’ feedback.

GPS Cell Phone Tracking Technology

New regulations concerning GPS cell phone tracking will make you more secure especially during emergencies. Under new FCC regulations (E911) all new cell phones must have a GPS chip installed during manufacturing. This allows the local 911 dispatcher to access your location during any emergency. This technology has already saved numerous lives. In addition it has help law enforcement agencies to track and arrest criminal suspects. In addition many manufactures have designed their phones to allow the user to use the phone for navigation. However GPS cell phone tracking technology is not without its critics.
Many people feel the new GPS cell phone tracking technology is another intrusion into their privacy. FCC regulations generally prohibit anyone from accessing your cell phone information including your GPS tracking information. Even law enforcement agencies are required to have a judicial warrant to access your GPS cell phone tracking data. However, there are several new companies that have begun to provide Private GPS cell phone tracking information on any cell phone user. The legality of these services is a much debated issue. State laws often have in some cases restricted these services. Private investigators, bail bond agents and friend of the court personnel are the most common customers for this service. Obviously there is the possibility of misuse of this information by stalkers and other criminals. Some people have refused to upgrade their phones in order to keep their phone location information private.
The new GPS cell phone tracking technology allows the phone company and 911 dispatchers to accurate locate your cell phone to less 100 feet in most outdoor environments however if you live and work within the deep canyons of an urban setting the accuracy will be degraded to 300 feet or more. Buildings that do not allow good cell phone coverage will obviously prevent cell phone tracking. In addition if are located within area that blocks cell phone service. Recently a woman lost control of her car while on our local interstate ending up deep within the heavily treed median. She was trapped in the vehicle but was able to call 911 for assistance. Unfortunately she was unable to tell the dispatcher exactly where she was. State troopers and sheriff deputies spent time looking for her but her vehicle was not visible from the Interstate. Fortunately dispatch was able to access the GPS cell phone tracking information for her phone. Troopers were able to locate exactly where she was located and she was extricated from here vehicle and taken to the local hospital.
Despite all the privacy concerns, the new GPS cell phone tracking capability is a valuable tool for emergency responders and law enforcement personnel. Hopefully law makers will monitor the use of this technology to make sure that the ability to abuse this valuable technology is limited. However we certainly hope that they do not make laws that prevent private citizens from using this valuable tool to track their own privately owned phones. GPS cell phone tracking technology that allows you to keep track of your family members through their cell phone keeping you and your family safe.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Nokia becomes the largest manufacturer of Windows7 Phones

During the fourth quarter of 2011 it sold about 900 thousand phones.

The company of market studies (Strategy Analytics) announced that shipments of phones that are running Windows7 rose in the fourth quarter of 2011 by 36 percent compared to the third quarter, reached to 2.7 million units.

Nokia, that entered the world of Windows7 in the fourth quarter, has got the first rank very quickly when it gained 33 per cent of the phones market that use this system and by selling 900,000 units.

The success of Nokia at the expense of "HTC", which was previously the first manufacturer of Windows7 phones, but considered the report of the company that it is still on the Nokia a long way to struggle, for comparison Apple has sold more than 37 million mobile iPhone during the same period.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Credit card reader for smartphones

 Allowed receiving payments of credit cards by smart phones

"PayPal" company announced launching of "PayPal Here", which allows small business owners receive payments via credit card using a special piece to read the card which is linked to smart phones.
The service consists of an encrypted reader device for credit card, shaped like a triangle can be linked to the phone through the headphones port, and is accompanied by a special application must be installed on the phone, supports both Android and IOS platforms.

The device is available free to registered users of the service, and except reading credit cards, the application can be used to receive the checks, and follow-up information on all financial transactions, and so on. The users can also use the device from service providers, such as plumbers and owners of workshops to make invoices and send them directly without leaving their place of work, with a total invoice to the customer via e-mail and can pay using any credit card or through his account in the "PayPal site."

It can accept checks and credit card payments (even without the device) by taking a picture of the check or card, the customer can sign the conversion process on the phone screen directly.
The "PayPal Here," deduct a rate of 2.7 percent for each transfer. Each dealer will receive a Debt card in case of registration in this service which allows him to get his money from any ATM immediately after the completion of any sale.

It is noteworthy that the former Twitter employee Jack Dorsey launched in 2010 the service "Square" which adopts the same idea, the company had announced last year that they deal with up to $ 4 billion in payments each year.

Google gets patent on an invention of "open the lock through dragging."

The registered technique allows opening the lock and going directly to a particular application

Google got a patent on the invention to be registered in 2010 in a manner which is related to open the lock device in the devices with touch screens via drag "Slide to unlock".

Despite the fact that Apple has a similar patent and it used it against Motorola in the final issue, Google has a different way, including the process of opening the lock for direct access to any application, which is the way to open the screen that adopted in the Android version 4.0 as it allows dragging in several different directions about a particular application icon to go directly to the application after the opening screen.

While Apple's way allowing withdrawal in only one direction to open the lock screen without possibility for quick access to applications.

The patent obtained by Google is considered very valuable at this time to stand up to Apple, which is waging an extensive judicial war using the patents against most of the companies that manufacture Android phones.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

IPhone sales in Canada exceed the sales of BlackBerry

In 2008; one IPhone was sold for five BlackBerry phones.

Apple shipped 2.85 million smartphone to Canada, while RIM's share was only 2.08 million Canadian telephones, according to a report by "Bloomberg" agency news.

This is the first time that RIM's share of the phones sold in her native Canada less than another company.

The BlackBerry has gained a greater share than Apple in 2010 with amount of over 500 thousand phone. But in 2008 the difference was greater when one IPhone was sold for every five BlackBerry phones.

The share of sales of RIM smartphones in Canada dropped about 45% in 2011 compared with previous years, and even in the United States of America RIM sales declined by about 7% in early 2012.

The Bloomberg report adds that Apple sales grow steadily in order to take BlackBerry out of the Middle East, Africa and South America markets.

But, Thorsten Heins, chief executive officer, sees that the BlackBerry sales grow significantly in the rest of the world.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Android on your device

Android is an operating system includes middleware and many key applications. Its avaiable on a wide range on phones and other devices from the leading manufacturers like HTC, Samsung, Song and LG. It offers you to meet your needs and tariffs to match.

You can access to more then 450,000 apps which includes various tasks from updating your facebook status to remind you that your late for a meeting. All these are avaiable on the online store which was renamed from Android Market to the Google Play Store recently.
Android on your device

Android is an operating system includes middleware and many key applications. Its avaiable on a wide range on phones and other devices from the leading manufacturers like HTC, Samsung, Song and LG. It offers you to meet your needs and tariffs to match.

You can access to more then 450,000 apps which includes various tasks from updating your facebook status to remind you that your late for a meeting. All these are avaiable on the online store which was renamed from Android Market to the Google Play Store recently.

Friday, April 6, 2012

5 Best iPhone Applications

iPhone applications are one of the epic factor of the apple phone. Everyday the number of applications are growing faster. At a time it was 500 and now its 225,000+ and counting thousands every month. Apps are avaiable for all kinds of people and age. Here I have compiled 5 of the best apps on recent time. Have a look at them and download them if you think its awesome!!

1. Air Phones

AirPhones allows you to listen to audio from your computer on an iPhone or iPod touch using Wi-Fi. It works like wireless headphones.

2. Gas Cubby

This application is an excellent tool which helps you track gas mileage and maintenance records for your car.

3. Gorillacam

This is an app form the creators of the Gorillapod tripods. It an awesome app which gives you more features on your iPhone’s camera. It includes timer, spirit-level, on-screen grid, multi-shot, ‘press anywhere’ capture and more.

4. File Magnet

FileMagnet allows users to move files from their destop/laptop to their iPhone very easily. Its faster compared to others and it is cross-platform compatible.

5. Classics

Classics is an application that has many great books that you can read on your iPhone.