Tuesday, April 10, 2012

IPhone sales in Canada exceed the sales of BlackBerry

In 2008; one IPhone was sold for five BlackBerry phones.

Apple shipped 2.85 million smartphone to Canada, while RIM's share was only 2.08 million Canadian telephones, according to a report by "Bloomberg" agency news.

This is the first time that RIM's share of the phones sold in her native Canada less than another company.

The BlackBerry has gained a greater share than Apple in 2010 with amount of over 500 thousand phone. But in 2008 the difference was greater when one IPhone was sold for every five BlackBerry phones.

The share of sales of RIM smartphones in Canada dropped about 45% in 2011 compared with previous years, and even in the United States of America RIM sales declined by about 7% in early 2012.

The Bloomberg report adds that Apple sales grow steadily in order to take BlackBerry out of the Middle East, Africa and South America markets.

But, Thorsten Heins, chief executive officer, sees that the BlackBerry sales grow significantly in the rest of the world.

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