Sunday, April 29, 2012

HP launches platform for mobile applications for telecommunications providers

"HP" announced the launch of its platform for mobile applications that enable telecommunications service providers to assist their customers of the companies to upgrade the level of productivity, by supporting their employees to use for smart phones and tablet computers.

HP Enterprise Mobility platform allows companies to provide mobile applications for internal staff, so that they can access corporate data quickly and easily and a high level of security, through the use of their mobile devices.

The key components of HP Enterprise Mobility platform are:

HP Enterprise Mobile App Store: This helps the E-store communications service providers to design and document management, distribution and copies "mobile" applications for its employees. As for the staff, allowing them access to the store easy to use portal to download the applications that are hosted on the site telecommunications service provider and managed his way.

And supports various capacity allocation applications according to the needs of employees, regardless of the type of device they use. Staff members can also browse the site for applications that need it quite easily, knowing that the store site supports multiple languages ​​to meet the regional requirements of the customers.

And enable management of multiple lists institutions to provide different applications for multiple types of users, through the structuring and organization of the user's ability to benefit from the information resources of the company based on its position and his career and other criteria.

And provides life cycle management applications for companies to modify applications to work on various types of control devices and history of use, and revoked at the end of legacy applications need.

The property test the performance of the mobile device are integrated together to ensure better application performance on different types of devices according to various usage scenarios.

HP Enterprise Mobility Gateway: enables service providers and telecommunications companies to help staff access to accurate databases in a timely manner by linking mobile applications and systems key to the company.

It is available through the company's work sites as a service provided by telecommunications service providers, allows developers to gate the possibility of designing data-rich applications and operating efficiently even if the scope of the package is limited.

The access is available via high-performance data collection on the server and the client, and smart browsing and reviews the possibility of massive data sets, although the device is not connected to the Internet.

And ensure property documentation and permit the user to the security of key systems and data transfer between databases and applications. Is also manages the possibility of life-cycle management interfaces for the major systems on the use of tools and reports.

And allow for the development of services for composite mobile applications the ability to access and collect data from a group of major systems of independent, in order to provide high-value data collected for the users.

Invoking the platform HP Service Delivery Platform is used widely, including platform HP Enterprise Mobility service-oriented architecture is flexible, where the telecommunications service providers adapt key components included by HP in accordance with their specific needs, and can integrate solutions "HP" and other companies to enhance their ability to perform tasks.

For his part, Basim  Bouzid, General Manager and Regional Vice President, Corporate Services, HP Middle East, said it is incumbent telecommunications service providers to create new models for their business so they can achieve success in the world of the fourth generation of communications. And these HP products allow them collect revenue by helping companies to benefit from effective use of smart phones and tablet computers by its employees. 

In addition to provide mobile services to companies, telecommunications service providers can take advantage of the platform, "HP" to manage these new services offered to its employees, including the development and distribution of new applications.

To enable telecommunications service providers, HP Enterprise Mobility platform, to offer their services to companies, it was designed but the "HP" will provide the technology to companies directly also to be installed in the headquarters of these companies.

HP Enterprise Mobility platform comes to complement the services provided by mobile applications portfolio of HP Mobile Application Services, which was announced earlier.

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