Thursday, April 19, 2012

Du launches a bouquet of new services stations VSAT

It enables companies in remote areas like desserts and sea of ​​solutions to get a stable connection

Du launched a new platform for small service stations, (VSAT) technology based on advanced 'I Direct'.

Du provides services through force of very small stations solutions to enterprise customers based on well-established infrastructure. Package includes presentations by Du stations in this area work force by VoIP, data and network services that are managed via satellite, and integrated satellite solutions. In addition, du will offer a range of options from high-quality Internet connection and effectiveness, and special solutions intranet and extranet access to stations.

Fareed Faraidooni, Chief Commercial Officer in du said that very small stations access enables companies located in remote areas (such as oil and gas companies) to obtain connectivity solutions stable and reliable at all times. This in turn ensures more flexibility in the process of using communication service to these companies.

Services provide access stations Services simulated ground-based data transmission networks for communication and networking through the use of satellite dishes are very small and broadcasting satellites. These services are particularly useful for mobile platforms (MLM), and areas not reached by communication networks, or where the coverage is limited (in the desert), or as an alternative to traditional telecommunications services to ensure business continuity.

It will allow a range of services stations very small force provided by Du for participants to expand their communication quickly and take advantage of all forms of corporate communication services required, which is characterized by reliability that characterize all du solutions.

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