Friday, April 13, 2012

Credit card reader for smartphones

 Allowed receiving payments of credit cards by smart phones

"PayPal" company announced launching of "PayPal Here", which allows small business owners receive payments via credit card using a special piece to read the card which is linked to smart phones.
The service consists of an encrypted reader device for credit card, shaped like a triangle can be linked to the phone through the headphones port, and is accompanied by a special application must be installed on the phone, supports both Android and IOS platforms.

The device is available free to registered users of the service, and except reading credit cards, the application can be used to receive the checks, and follow-up information on all financial transactions, and so on. The users can also use the device from service providers, such as plumbers and owners of workshops to make invoices and send them directly without leaving their place of work, with a total invoice to the customer via e-mail and can pay using any credit card or through his account in the "PayPal site."

It can accept checks and credit card payments (even without the device) by taking a picture of the check or card, the customer can sign the conversion process on the phone screen directly.
The "PayPal Here," deduct a rate of 2.7 percent for each transfer. Each dealer will receive a Debt card in case of registration in this service which allows him to get his money from any ATM immediately after the completion of any sale.

It is noteworthy that the former Twitter employee Jack Dorsey launched in 2010 the service "Square" which adopts the same idea, the company had announced last year that they deal with up to $ 4 billion in payments each year.

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