Friday, April 13, 2012

Google gets patent on an invention of "open the lock through dragging."

The registered technique allows opening the lock and going directly to a particular application

Google got a patent on the invention to be registered in 2010 in a manner which is related to open the lock device in the devices with touch screens via drag "Slide to unlock".

Despite the fact that Apple has a similar patent and it used it against Motorola in the final issue, Google has a different way, including the process of opening the lock for direct access to any application, which is the way to open the screen that adopted in the Android version 4.0 as it allows dragging in several different directions about a particular application icon to go directly to the application after the opening screen.

While Apple's way allowing withdrawal in only one direction to open the lock screen without possibility for quick access to applications.

The patent obtained by Google is considered very valuable at this time to stand up to Apple, which is waging an extensive judicial war using the patents against most of the companies that manufacture Android phones.

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